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Hi, I’m Keira, the Barks N’ Rec CPT (Chief Product Tester) – shhhhh, my dads like to think they run the place.

I’m a sassy 4 year old sheltie full of energy, love, and cuddles. I love meeting anyone and will greet you with a fierce tail wag and a kiss. Stop by the shop and let’s be friends; I’ll show you around and tell you about my favorite treats and toys!

Owners Josh and Dave… and Keira too, want to welcome you to Barks N’ Rec.

You have chosen a small, independent pet supply store because we know you want only the very best for your pet. Whether you live with a companion or service animal, Barks N’ Rec understands your needs and we are on hand to answer your questions, help you adopt, and even deliver your goods to you!

Located in the Lake View neighborhood of Chicago, Barks N’ Rec is a retail store and community resource for companion animals and their guardians. We help to provide access to organic, premium, and raw diets, and a wide range of holistic supplements for companion animals. We realize how important it is to pet owners that they have essential pet supplies that are good for their animal’s health and well-being everywhere that they may go.

To promote healthy relationships with our community, we partner with various local rescue organizations and sponsor fundraising, adoptions and specialized events. Even though pet supplies and food drive our business; through our events and classes for owners, we offer everyone the opportunity to be a better pet guardian.

Dave and Josh are East Coast natives looking to put down new roots in the great city of Chicago! Josh currently works in the technology industry, with over ten years experience in customer satisfaction and loyalty roles. Dave has a fifteen year background in healthcare and revenue cycle management. They both share a love and passion for the well being of furry friends and cannot wait to meet all of the city pups!