Furtastik, clean fun!

Our facility includes a large playroom featuring FUNiture canine play equipment, a Quick N' Clean potty station from K9 Kennels with a self cleaning vacuum system, and plenty of room to run around and play. The space can be transformed according to how many pups are in the facility at a given time with our mobile partitions making it east to ensure we maintain an appropriately sized play area for all groups!


Our network of security cameras covers every single corner of the space. We also have additional cameras in the playrooms so you can view your pet's day in our care! Simply log into the Customer Portal and click Live Webcams underneath the "Photo/Video" dropdown menu. You will have access to a livestream of your pet playing, napping, and making friends. See what they're up to when you're away!

Safety: Top of mind

From the moment you enter our facility with your dog, you’ll find keypad locked doors separating the retail area from the play space, multiple protected paths of entry, and a high staff to dog ratio to ensure that the team can always have eyes on every single member of the play group. As part of their registration into our doggie database, they will have their picture taken and it will follow them as our way of tracking where they are the whole time they’re in our facility. It will also be added to our in-depth profiles with information like temperament and the contacts of anyone approved to pick them up.

Dog Daycare

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we love them, too

Upon registering and being assessed for temperament, behavior and play styles, your dog will be sorted into a playgroup where they will feel totally comfortable to play the way they want…or nap hard. Groups are rotated through activities with our handlers to keep them on their paws!

At Barks N’ Rec, we try to include canine enrichment in everything that we do. We’ve devoted a large part of our catalog to boredom busting toys, games, and treat puzzles to give dogs in our neighborhood the fun and mental stimulation they deserve. And now, at Play! at Barks N’ Rec, we can take this further with enrichment focused mental aptitude, and stave off boredom and anxiety!

We also have a low activity room with cots and furniture for your pups to lounge on, a boarding room for overnight stays (coming soon!), a retail space to pick up some toys or treats for them after a long day of play, and a self-wash station if they’re just a bit too dirty.

Our facility does have capacity limits, so reserve a day of Play! sooner rather than later. Our goal is to ensure we maintain a safe and fun space for all, with play group sizes that aren’t overwhelming or over-stimulating.

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