Chicago's Premiere
Canine Improv Show

Play! at Barks N' Rec is excited to welcome DogProv to our space!

DogProv is an improv comedy group that has uniquely woven dogs into their act. Using 4 of 5 improvisers and one "actor dog", they create a forty-five minute long show on the spot that will pull you in, make you laugh, and leave you with the nagging thought that "There's no way they made all of that up on the spot". To close out, they invite a dog and an actor to a peanut butter covered mic and perform a closing monologue.

This is a perfect show for any dog lovers out there that want to take a night out to see some comedy based around their favorite animal. However, the only pets allowed in for the show are the dogs that will be acting, just because we want to give them an environment that allows them to concentrate on their craft instead of meeting other dogs.

Tickets and vaccine cards must be shown before entering the event for the health and safety of performers and audience members. Masks must be worn before the show. DogProv will be performing in a safe, sanitized, well ventilated environment.



1809 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(Retail & Services)

3030 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657